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India's Atomic Energy program has become a resounding success, helping achieve the avowed objective of self-reliance through the utilization of domestic mineral resources, and enhancing domestic capability to obviate possible restrictions in the transfer of international technology and the exchange of resources. Today, the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) in India, which is our main customer in Atomic Energy sector, is a broad-based multidisciplinary organization that pursues basic and applied research, technology development and strives to translate them into industrial applications to achieve the desired outcomes. For its long-term energy security, India has to depend considerably on nuclear power. DAE remains a major player in India's nuclear program.

Vrinda Technologies has gained considerable expertise in this domain to provide specialized solutions such as Multichannel Anlayser for identifying radioactive minerals and Tele Visual Survey System for identifying the minerals and understanding environmental conditions to augment and complement the efforts of the Department of Atomic Energy in various fields.