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Ministry of Defence is making untiring efforts to enhance and augment our country's self-reliance in Defence Systems and is conducting design and development leading to the production of world-class weapon systems and equipment..

Vrinda Technologies has been a niche player in this arena of high-end technologies. The company continues to deliver highly specialized and unique solutions to cater to subsystem and system requirements of strategic applications such as Radar Data Acquisition, Seeker Navigation, Jammers and Direction Finding in Defence domain using advanced FPGAs, Processors and Converters in digital section and IF & RF circuits.

Our major clients in defence domain include DLRL, RCI, ECIL, BEL, LRDE, ADE, ADA, NSTL and ANURAG

Vrinda is contributing to Samudhrika, Himraj, Rustom-II and various other Electronic Warfair Systems.


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