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Vrinda solutions cater to subsystem and system requirements of strategic applications from Defence, Space, Atomic energy and Industrial sectors. Vrinda also entered into Agriculture, Earth sciences, Railways and Power sector.

Our solutions have advanced FPGAs, Processors and Converters in digital section and IF & RF circuits to achieve a particular subsystem or system in totality.

Vrinda's solutions are targeted basically in the following areas …

Atomic energy: Mineral survey, Radiation monitoring to prevent radioactive pollution and Online visual surveys

Defence: Seeker navigation, Radar signal processing, Direction finding, Telemetry, ESM & ECM systems

Space: Satcom terminals, satellite payloads and Communication modems for rural communications and education

Industrial Applications: Controller/Protection/Synchronization platforms for Power Sector, Field signal simulators, Sensor signal conditioning and processing units, PLC modules for process automation and Grid & solar energy optimizers

Agriculture: Solar water pumping systems for irrigation and Hybridization of conventional water pumping sets

Earth sciences: Remote weather monitoring system and Tele visual survey system for deep sea survey

Railways: Multi section Digital Axle counter systems, Data loggers, section monitoring systems

Vrinda is all set to meet these demanding requirements with highest quality standards. Customer feedback is used for continuous improvement. Our policy of training the users on the products signifies the Vrinda's commitment.