DAMA Baseband Modem

Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) Base Band Modem is used mainly for highly secured Voice/Data communication in satellite modems. This product is built around a 16-bit micro-controller, which provides a user-friendly interface with 16x2 LCD display and 4X5 keypad. A Superior Voice Quality Vocoder chip is interfaced to a 16Bit Micro-controller for Voice coding and decoding. A USB interface is also provided for high speed DATA communication. HDLC protocol is used to transmit/receive voice and data packets. On board convolution encoder and Viterbi decoder is provided for forward error correction and to improve the digital communication over a noisy channel. On board BPSK demodulates the incoming data from RF modules. It has 16KBit Serial EEPROM to store different user configuration parameters. This unit has RS422 level interfaces to the encryption and description modules. An RS232 interface is provided to configure and monitor the unit from PC and to update the software.

Micro-controller Renesas M30245FC Micro Controller
FPGA Lattice ECP6E
Memory Communication Interfaces 16KBITS EEPROM
High Speed USB Interface For Data Communication
Other Interface RS422 Port
Superior voice Quality Vocoder
12 I/O Control Pins
2 Analog Input Pins
4X5 Keypad
  LCD Display with Direction Arrows
FEC Convolution encoding and viterbi Decoding
Modulation/Demodulation BPSK
Protocol DAMA/PAMA