Multi Shot Digital Camera for Bole Hole Survey System

VTMSDBCSI Bore Hole Survey System

The Multi-shot digital camera for Bore hole survey instrument is developed for the directional surveying of the bore holes, etc., to overcome the drawbacks of the film based camera used in earlier instruments. This multi shot instrument can take pictures of the magnetic compass at various depths and store the pictures in the USB device. This instrument is capable of storing ~1000 pictures in the USB device by taking two pictures per capture. The cylindrical unit is enclosed in a sturdy barrel and lowered along with the drilling instrument. The compass readings give the deviation measurements of the bore hole.

  • Replacement of the existing film/analog mechanical multi-shot cameras used in bore hole deviation survey.      
  • No film, No processing and No dark rooms.
  • Easy identification of images at point of interest.
  • Low power consumption-Longer battery life.
  • No data loss-reliable image storage media
  • Reusable storage media
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy for noting down deviation measurements
  • Sturdy non magnetic metallic enclosure
  • Rugged for drilling environment
  • Operating temperature range-10℃ to +55 ℃
  • 1000 images captured in continuous 5 hours operation
  • Spot viewing of the images on a laptop
  • Compatible to all compass angle units
  • Magnified high quality colour images with time-stamp
  • Latest USB technology.