35 Channel Signal Conditioning and Processing Unit (VT35SCP)

The 35 Channel Signal Conditioning and Processing Unit does the required signal conditioning for different types of sensor signals (Pressure, Vibration and RTD) to + 10V and processes them using programmable signal conditioners , ADC and FPGA. The processed digital data is also made available via RS422 in a defined format.
The rugged unit consists of two signal conditioning cards and a power supply card to support the functionality

Sensor characteristics
Type No. of Channels Range Bandwidth
pressure 5 0-45 mV or
0-20 mV
RTD 9 100 – 375 Ω 50 Hz.
Vibration 21 +5g 2000 Hz.

Other Features

No. of Channels 35
Analog Output Range ±10V
Digital Output RS422
Power Supply 28V ± 4V DC
Functional Specific   Unit as per EMI/EMC standards
Transmission facility through RS422/RS485
Facility to accommodate different kind of sensors signalling conditioning circuits on the same board
Provision of dynamic configuration on RS422 for sampling rates and number of channels.