Remote Contoller Unit

Remote Control Unit is designed for UHF SATCOM communication for Air bone Application for Indian Navy. It is basically used to transmit/receive voice/data to/from modem using RS422 interface from remote location. VTRCU acts as a controller card for the SATCOM terminal and facilitates telephone handset connectivity for SATCOM voice communication. User friendly Man Machine Interface (MMI) using LCD and keypad interface is provided. Remote Control Unit consists of both voice (2.88Kbps) & data (19.2kbps) for SATCOM. RCU can be operated on PAMA and DAMA modes.

Micro-controller  32-bit LPC3250( ARM296EJS CORE) Micro Controller
Memory 16Kb EEPROM
Communication Interfaces One RS 232 Port
ORS 485 Port (UPDOWN Converter, Power Amplifier)
RS 422 Ports Full duplex For SATCOM remote
Interface using DS26LV31 & DS26LV32
Other Interface Vocoder (AMBE-2000) for Voice interface of SATCOM
Codec (AD73311)
16 Character 2 rows LCD Display
5 X 3 Alpha Numeric Keypad